A healing ministry to those
who as children, teenagers or adults suffered physical, emotional, mental or sexual abuse.
with a focus on male survivors

This is is a ministry of Homebush Bay Christian Ministries
A summary of a MinistryLine

which operated within Australia from late 1999 until Monday 30th June 2003 for only fifty five cents per min

In the summary I have used the menu numbers of the ministryline to assist visitors in working through it systematically

Menu 8
the Introductions and the five steps to recovery were recorded on site at Homebush Bay and Newington from certain places where it is legal for the local pastor to do so in order to respect copyright issues leading up to 2000 in Sydney.

Please do not proceed unless you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Menu 8 is a Christian Ministry of compassion, spiritual insight and prayer.
It is for Bible believing Christians who already have faith that Jesus Christ is our answer.
It is your responsability to read or apply with care and consideration your unique personality, beliefs, faith and circumstances

If you disagree with the presuppositions that is your right, and there are many other ministries and services which may meet your need.
we ask you respect our right to persue our healing exercising our faith
This is not a site "to see what it is like" as pre-existing Faith in Jesus Christ, the truth of the scriptures and dependance on the means of grace are pre-requisites.
>BR> Prov 6:3 and Matt 6: 33 If you don't have the prerequisites feel free to email pastor. Some steps might not work without prayer and faith. 2. It is not a councelling service, each participant should have a councellor or therapist or psychologist and an understanding Pastor and be in prayer
3. Menu 8 is intended to complement councelling face to face and support groups and God's guidence to you personally.
4. Menu 8 is intended to complement other services and no to compete.
5. links will be given on the web page, as there become available sadly a web site with links was destroyed by hackers
6. users agree to indemnify the author and HBCM and its agents against any loss or damage arising from the use of the service.
7. users of this site agree to accept responsibility for their own actions.
8. HBCM is seeking to prayerfully remove the source of the pain but callers agree that perseverance may be required and that there are increadable variations in our nature which determine the nature of the wound from the abuse, (this image itself may not apply to you ) the means of removing the sword or neutralising the poison of the abuse and people's reaction to advice given. There may be other issues, there may be ongoing abuse occurring on a different level, and so readers are asked to seek out face to face councelling.
The aim of the service is to provide a consistantly accessable set of steps as part of the restoration process and to give hope.
The advantage of an interactive system of recorded messages is that :
there is a consistancy in the message
the message can be read many times,BR> at any hour, from any place
and not be told "For the fourth time" I am telling you...
the reality is that wounded people need to hear the message many times, with the same enthusiasm and compassion as they heard it the first time
here is the technology that releases such a ministry. except for step 1 (step one is ONLY for recovery from sexual abuse) the steps could assist recovery from other forms of abuse Step one mentions the role of Godly anger. That is anger at the sin, anger at the abuse - not anger towards a person. Boundaries ought to be established between the abused and the abuser.

The structure is
step 1
Overcoming Denial Step 2
Feeling the pain of abuse Removal of the sword of Abuse
Step 3 Renouncing Abuse
Step 4
Dealing with Anger
Reaching your God given dynasty"
over time, it is hoped that more information can be provided.
basically, the following are the best rescources I can suggest at this point, bearing in mind that all facilities have their failings and you may be kept waiting by those you have to see. I can only make a committment to continnue to lobby for increased services
MEDICAL: see your doctor or a medical centre
The following applies in NSW 2000 after hours see the Triage Sister at a Major Hospital
Major Hospitals in Sydney have sexual abuse councellors on call at night for medical emergencies
and limited day time councelling.
POLICE: ring 131444 and ask the Police assistance line to explain the procedures for reporting the attack. They can give you the number to ring

The section of the District Police Station to ask for, such as the current name of the Detectives handling sexual abuse

restraining orders are obtained from the local Chamber Magistrate at your District Courthouse.
After you are over the initial trauma its a good idea to arrange for ongoing councelling
and legal advice
you may like to ring back after face to face assistance from the medical profession and the Police
It is hoped to further develop the ministry along the following steps

1 Immediate disclosure with early intervention

2. confusion non disclosure buried until ready to process memories
triggers overcomming denial
allowing the memories to surface
taking down the walls of fear and shame and pain

a / csa from female perp

b / csa from a male perp



self abondonment

3. removal of the sword of abuse

4 renouncing abuse

5/ acting out - at various levels, conscious and unconscous,

repenting of acting out and our inappropriate or harmful attempts to deaden the pain
rejecting the words and messages of the abuser
exercising out ability to make moral choices
freedom through Christ
is not just forgiveness
but making right moral choices
according to The Bible.

6 / God's healing balm
cleansing of our heart
the power of the blood of Jesus

7/ the power of God's love ( link to song) to cast out fear

a testomony "Jesus loves me this I know"

Bonhoffer ?

8 / breaking the power of the pain and despair

9 / hope in Christ

10/ sss issues

11/ we were violated, defiled used

God restores our soul Ps 23 Ps 34: 18

Isaiah 61 He heals the broken hearted

His healing balm

12 / anger

13/ the complex issue of forgiveness
forgiveness releases us
only Jesus, who died for our sins, and the sin of the world, only Jesus who paid the price and satisfies our cry for justice,
has the right to require us to forgive
because He said "It is finished"

but sometimes we are in too much pain to have the capacity to forgive

sometimes we need healing first

forgiving those who abused us
releases us.

14 / the complexity of accountability and injustices in the legal systems, and institutions who cover up, deny, frustrate and are unresponsive to the needs of victims.

15 Hope for the future

goals on earth

and our hope of heaven
is our ultimate hope - the promice of new bodies
a place where Jesus Himself wipes away tears.

Men are not used to crying.
tears are healing

often in prayer or worship we will start crying. This is a normal part of recovery and brings release and healing.

it can be useful to have a place where one has privacy and/or permission to cry without being desturbed.

The site is written by a male survivor who is networking with other Christian male survivors

If the Olympic Co-ordination Authority can transform three rubbish tips, an amunitions depot and an old abetoir site into an environmentally friendly Olympic Park for the 2000 Games,
them just think what our Heavenly Father can do with wounded hearts and survivors of abuse
through faith, prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit and the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord burdened me to set up this service. As I proceeded in faith, he revealed the steps to me - sometimes personally, sometimes whilst hearing other preachers.

The extent of the need: large numbers of
those who have been abused
those who attempt suiside
those who are so lacking in self esteem that they turn to crime
many with same sex attraction who want to be released from the desires within and who want to live within Biblical morality
are victims of sexual abuse

the pain is almost unbearable, and yet we live in a society which almost actively restricts services to the abused, leaving us in our pain
victimising us for our responses
but there is hope
the Lord has answers for any need
so keep praying
keep believing in the Lord
and may Homebush Bay Christian Ministries be a blessing and source of hope and inspiration to you.

Links to the Steps of Recovery

Links to steps of recovery

Step 1 - Overcomming Denial


812 -Step 2
Removing the sword of Abuse

813 -Step 3
Renouncing Abuse


813a - Repenting of our wrong reactions

814 -Step 3
Dealing with inappropriate anger
the place of forgiveness


815 Reaching out towards achieving your dynasty


Progressing through Faith in Christ


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