Divine Order Of God

In the Word of God there is a Divine Order that We must all Follow. The above Picture shows the order.

There is a circle and everything moves within this circle.
We are to be followers of Jesus. He said "I do what I see my Father do".

We are to do the same thing, but Jesus came to Earth as a Man, as our forerunner to show us the road to the Father and the Kingdom of God.

God is the Divine ruler. He created us all in His image, So we have a Head start with the Provision that Jesus provided for us thru his Death. We now have all the tools that Jesus had to complete God's divine commission.

These are in Perfect order: Salvation - Gift of the Holy Ghost - Healing - Deliverance - Gifts - Financial Provision.
These gifts are for one purpose, to Reproduce Children in his Kingdom. They are not for our entertainment or for our Glory.

Everything is to Edify the Church, not just a building or Denomination but for all his children. How can we set in our comfortable pews and allow his Chidren to go to Hell. I know this is plain spoken, but We all need to wake up.

God is the Author of the Word. We must Read it , Hear it and Most important, Obey it.† God created us in his Image for one Purpose,
Fellowship with Him.

He set up His Word with Abraham. All writers of the Old Testament pointed toward this time, and what He intended for Mankind. If you need to Hear what was said read in Deuteronomy. God was very plain spoken.

Jesus is the Word. The book of John tells us this in the 1st Chapter, 1st verse.

Everything Jesus did was to fulfill the Word. God had a plan for us all.

When the Word was completed after The Death and Ressurection of Jesus, the way was opened up to us to have Personal contact with God thru Prayer.

Jesus said, "I do what I see My Father Do". Now we must do what we see Jesus do. Everything Jesus did was in the circle of Gods will. Youíll find this in The 4 gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

The Holy Ghost is our Teacher - Trainer - Comfortor Ė Conscience - Clarifier - distributor of the Gifts, etc.† The Holy Ghost is now the controlling factor in a child of God. Just as a baby canít run until he learns to walk, we learn the ways of God the same way thru the Word and the Holy Ghost.

The learning technique follows the same principle as a Child learning does, it is forever progressive and we never quit learning. If I gave you a new car and you didn't take care of it, then within a few years it would be in a horrible state. After we get the gifts from God, we must learn how to operate and maintain them. This is why we need constant use of the Word and constant Teaching.

Maintenance is the Key.
Mankind is also commissioned to teach the Word, all of us.

The 5 fold Ministry is very Important to our continued training. We are to Obey our Leaders. We can't get around it, this is the divine order.

We must hear them, and this helps us to hear the Word. Faith comes by Hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. If they are wrong, you can be sure that when you pray for them, God will show them where they are wrong. Never try to do this yourself, it could be Deadly to your Spiritual Walk.

Last but not least is Obedience to what you read and hear. If this is not done you dry up Spiritually and will go to Hell. The Word says ;Obedience is better than sacrifice. There are many scriptures for this. I ask you to read the Word and the Spirit will lead you into all Truth.

Staying in the perfect Circle of God is the only way to have Peace and Contentment. We will have tribulations, remember we are following Jesus.

He left us all the tools we will ever need, but we must learn how to use them. These tools are not for our Glory but for the Carrying out of the Great Commision.

Go Ye!

by Dee Owens
Devotional #5 - 2/26/02


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