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     English Club is the second biggest club at Yuen Long Lutheran Secondary School this year. We have nearly 200 members. Our aim is to create an atmosphere of speaking good English together. We want to make Lutheran's students learn English in a relaxing and interesting way.
     We used to have a small room called the English Corner providing English materials for Lutheran's students. Now, we have a full-size classroom called the English Chatroom for all students to come by to chat in English or get extra help any day at lunch or after school. Teachers can arrange oral exam practice or tutoring with small groups, and students can use the computers, play board games, read in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere or even sing karaoke in the English Chatroom. English Club members can have more benefits like borrowing books, CDs and VCDs. Since we have our own chatroom, we can hold club activities, meetings, and parties without arranging for another venue.

 Senior Executives

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Lydia Cheung

Milk Tang

Elaine Fong

Cheryl Kwok

Nuka Lam

Tim Ng

Irene Ng
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Computers, Language Learning, AfroKen, Church activities
Kristen Suen

Rachel Tso

Heidy Cheung

Emily Chung

Sherrie Chung

Kelvin Leung

Bonnie Chiu


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We designed a membership card for all English Club members at the very begining of first term. The requirements to be a gold card member were shown on the back of the membership card. The only way for them to become a gold card member is to be exposed to English more. Thus, it could encourage students to join us more frequently.
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     What's next for English Club?

     Of course, a lot of good things are coming. First, we will have a study trip to Singapore in the coming Easter holiday. The English Club, Student Union and Environmental Protection Club will hold this excellent trip together. Twenty students and five teachers will visit two high schools in Singapore and experience their culture. We want to take this chance to know more about their learning methods by using English as the medium of instruction.

     Besides, we will organize a Green Debate, involving students from Form 4 and 6. The topics of the debate will be based on environmental protection issues.

     At the same time, English Club will hold an English Day Camp in March. This day camp is designed for some Primary school students and our Form 1 students. We will play some interesting English games with them. We want to given them a chance to learn English by speaking English in real situations. That should be fun to have such a great party together, right?

     Also, we will organize English Speaking Day monthly in second term. Students in junior forms, having a real conversation with senior form students and teachers can earn points towards their gold card membership.

     Besides these big plans, we will also try to provide more extra English help for our schoolmates. For instance, the English Chatroom will be opened for the Form 5 and 7 students to prepare for their public examinations and we will help the Form 4 students to speak natural English through a DJ training course. We will have our own English magazine very soon too. We will try to buy more multifunction materials for our schoolmates to learn English in an interesting way since English Club exists to promote an English-friendly atmosphere at YLLSS.

     YLLSS was founded in 1960, so it is now 42 years old. It is a Christian school. Along the 42 years, there have been a lot of changes. In 1993, the school was moved to a new campus in Tin Shui Wai from Yuen Long. In 1998, the previous principal, Mr. Ma, retired, and then Ms. Wong acceded to the principal of our school.

     Now, there are 27 classes and 54 teachers in Lutheran.The facilities include 26 classrooms, 4 laboratories, 1 library, 2 computer rooms and an MMLC (Multi-Media Learning Center ).

     The teachers are all friendly, kind and helpful. With their help, our students are all learning in a happy atmosphere. They cooperate tightly in order to give the best to the students. Also, they have a very good relationship with their students. Because of this cooperation, all the students at Lutheran are improving.
     Technology is developing very fast now. Our world is changing rapidly. So, the quality of education is becoming more and more important. Students have to get closer to the world so that they can adapt to this changing world more easily in the future. To get close to the world, students have to learn more on their own and study in more various ways, like doing projects with friends, making presentations and finding relevant information themselves. In this way, more and more facilities are required to help with the students' studies. Students have to find the facts themselves, and teachers have to become the guides who only give suggestions to the students. So, students have to find useful information in the World Wide Web, library, newspaper and so on.

     In 2003, a new building will be constructed at Lutheran. There will be a lot of new facilities, which can help the students with their studies. The facilities will include 2 classrooms, one language laboratory, one computer assisted learning room, 3 supportive education rooms, an interview room, a multi-purpose room, a student-activity center and so on. These facilities can help to provide a better studying environment and contribute to an atmosphere of self-learning among the students.


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